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Damage Threats And Maintenance of Insulating Bricks

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Insulating bricks are getting more famous these days because it keeps the house cozy and inner house warm especially in an environment where heat is high, likewise insulating bricks is a building material that lasts long, and it calls for maintenance. Some cases of insulating bricks are left for professionals to handle.

Meanwhile, there are different steps in which homeowners maintain their insulating bricks from damaging, some of the tips to prevent the Insulating bricks from damage are listed below;

· Basic care and cleaning of the insulating bricks

Starting from state colonials to simple ranches insulating bricks has been used as one of the building materials in recent years. Its aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency make it a better option for reselling and good for modern house structures.

Insulating bricks is maintenance free but occasional cleaning, checking of spot holes due to water damage, and also repointing to ensure long-lasting structural building. Deeping of cloths inside the water to clean the dirt on the bricks, passing a hose to running water to spray on the bricks to wash away dirt is the least aggressive method of cleaning which could be done once a year.

The exterior part of the house might contain different dirt spots caused by spilled oil, beverages, creamy drinks, etc. this will require different cleaning agents to erase the strength.

· Mold, moss, and mildew growth

If the part of your house reaches no sunlight or damp areas, be on the lookout for moss, mold, and mildew growth on the structures of the house. This problem can be fixed easily by mixing bleach with a gallon of water and applying a scrubbing brush to brush the affected area, before you brush ensure you soak the affected areas to ensure that the bricks won't absorb the bleach.

Insulating Bricks

· Water damage

Water damage is caused majorly by damp rising or splashback, splashback is caused by the continual beating of the rain soaks into the bricks causing the bricks to cracks while the damp rise is caused by water rising from below leaving behinds tides. The moisture on the tides will eventually evaporate and the salts crystals remaining will be on the bricks causing the bricks to break down. Annual replacing of damaged caused by water will help prevent extensive or unforeseen damages in the future.

· Repointing of bricks

Insulating bricks that are damaged need to be repointed because the mortar has become soft or cracked, this is carefully replaced so as not to disrupt the structure of the building and a fresher mortar is used for replacement.

Whenever repointing is done, the fresher mortar used as a replacement must increase in depth to the width of the mortar joint, mortar replaced directly to the damaged surface will not hold up.


Benefits of insulating bricks are listed below which include;

· Low maintenance has been explained above

· Customizable bricks

· Energy saving

· Great strength

· Cost-effective


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