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Application of Insulating Bricks In Steel Industries

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In engineering design, lining materials play an important role in managing efficiency and energy in machinery used in steel/iron industries.

Industrial designers need to have a crucial understanding of the merits and demerits of the materials they choose.

A suitable selection for lining materials is insulating bricks, which reduces losses of energy by a great deal.

An insulating brick is a superior type of brick that can withstand and tolerate high temperatures. It is made from ceramic material which gives it some specific and appreciated abilities.

In addition, current research done on insulating bricks using popular manufacturing approaches –slinger, cast, extrusion- shows they offer minimum conductivity of heat and delivers the utmost energy savings.

High-temperature insulation bricks may be fitted on the internal and external linings of a steel furnace. Both methods have comparative advantages and disadvantages.

Internally fitted insulation bricks offeroffer a steadier temperature due to their close contact with the heat source.

Installing insulating bricks on the inside of the furnace will take up much internal volume of the furnace. It will be extremely difficult to replace damaged or deteriorated insulation bricks in a relatively confined space.

On the contrary, externally fitted insulation bricks are considerably easy to maintain. Defects are noticed promptly and correction is made swiftly.

Insulating bricks on the outside of a furnace makes its operational volume not be compromised or reduced. However, it doesn't give a stable temperature.

Therefore, whenever you need to buy a high-quality insulating brick, ensure it is from a reliable manufacturer.


Guides In Choosing A Good Insulating Brick

Generally, refractory insulating bricks have many good attributes. However, selecting the most suitable brick can be quite challenging.

Here are some carefully selected guides that can enhance you in selecting the right insulating brick.


Ø Low Thermal Conductivity

This is a key factor that is essential in the selection of standard insulation fire bricks. A good insulating brick must have minimal conductance or admittance of heat.

It must have a high level of porosity which is better for insulation and energy saving by increasing its ability to preserve heat, thereby keeping the furnace hot while shielding its environments from heat damage.

 insulating brick

Ø Low Heat Storage

It is also of great importance that an insulating fire brick should store low heat but absorb a large amount of heat which saves and reduces energy costs.


Ø High Crushing Strength

It is imperative for a high-quality insulating brick to have high crushing strength.

Being able to withstand high temperatures and also have good volume stability are also desirable qualities.


Ø Low Moisture/Vapor Permeability

Good insulation material should have minimum moisture /vapor permeability.

This quality is also vital in the selection of insulating bricks, if water or moisture absorption becomes negligible, condensation and corrosion are reduced significantly.


Ø Safety Features

Good insulation material should be rated as non-flammable and non-explosive.


Ø High Purity

Impurities such as alkaline flux, metals reduce the effectiveness of insulating bricks. Therefore, it is important to get rid of impurities as much as possible.


Do You Need High performance Insulating Brick?

There are standard and special sizes for sale in an insulating bricks factory.

Therefore, to get your desired specification of this brick, welcome to contact us, and we will be glad to partner with you for the best product.


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