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WAM provides insulating bricks for China Risun Group

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Globally, the need for lightweight but yet very durable building materials and blocks continue to be on the increase every day.


This high increase in demand for high-quality lightweight building blocks has also led to an equal increase in demand for lightweight insulating firebricks.


Reasons for this isn’t far-fetched. Lightweight insulating bricks have long been known to be the best lining and building materials for projects that require materials with a high-temperature tolerance and are still lightweight.


Just like it will be expected, this skyrocketing demand for lightweight firebrick has also led to an increase in insulating bricks price by many manufacturers.


Worse more, the high demand for lightweight building blocks by most homeowners and companies has also created the avenue for the abundance of substandard insulating bricks in the market.


However, despite all these odds in terms of insulating bricks price as well as the battle against insulating firebricks of low quality from inexperienced manufacturers, Qingdao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd has continued to remain unshaken in our resolution to create the difference in the industry.


And like it will be expected, every individual or company with the strong belief that working with reputable manufacturers of high-quality insulating bricks is the only way to have the best deal, will always go searching for a reliable and professional manufacturer of insulating firebricks such as Qingdao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.


It is with regards for the need to get the best insulating bricks price as well as invest in insulating bricks of high-quality that the Chinese Risun Group – Tangshan Risum Aromatic Products Co., Ltd. identified Qingdao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. as a trusted supplier of insulating brick of the best quality to work with.


This epic and highly profitable decision from China Risum Group – Tangshan Risum Aromatic Co., Ltd. came in response for the need to source for insulating bricks of premium quality for the 300,000 tons/years styrene steam super-heater project (Petrochemical industry).


Being a project that is intended to produce a very high amount of product per years, there is, therefore, the need to source for high-quality building blocks from a trusted supplier, which can stand the pressure from activities that shall be going on in the industry as soon as it is completed.


And from our end here in Qingdao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., we diligently supplied our high-quality WAM-23, WAM-26, WAM-28 insulating bricks for the project, and the insulating bricks price, which we offered to the China Risun Group was said to be the best, especially in relation to the quality of products supplied.


In addition to our premium WAM-23, WAM-26, and WAM-28 insulating bricks, which are known to withstand a very high mechanical intensity, high resistance to corrosive chemicals and long service life, we also provided other premium building materials that will be used to complement our premium insulating brick throughout the China Risun Group petrochemical industry project.


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