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Types Of Insulating Firebrick Used In Lining Furnace

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The lightweight insulation firebricks have been known to help with increasing the efficiency of the lining of the furnace.  


This is usually done by allowing high-temperature heaters, oven, and furnaces to warm up rapidly although allowing the outer shell to maintain a lesser temperature.


To regulate inner temperatures inside, while having the cost energy in mind, it is crucial you pick the correct insulating fire bricks.


However, purchasing top insulating fire bricks from reliable and dependable manufacture will guarantee you of the best quality product.


In this article, we will be discussing the building blocks of refractory thermal management which are the insulating firebricks.


insulating bricks

More On Some Types Of Insulating Fire Bricks

In the past years, a variety of methods have been used to make the insulating fire bricks.


This could be by mixing clay with organic matter and then burning it to allow for pore formation, or either allowing a bubble structure to be integrated into the clay and water which is mixed together and preserved.


There is a type which is a great power ASTM 23 grade which has high strength and density that allows it to be a great choice for furnaces. They are normally used in a heat-treating blast furnace.


The other on the other hand is of higher strength of 2300OF. They are naturally used for load-bearing applications or applications that are stronger.


Also, others are the ideal ASTM steel grade 26 that is used in a higher temperature for forging heaters and maybe clay ovens.


In addition, there is a type that is the traditional ASTM grade 28 which is used in a higher temperature oven and steel heat up of furnaces


Another is an insulating brick that has been a standard in a long time for testing a true ASTM grade 30 block.


It has a low rewarm reducing ability at a testing temperature of 2950OF.


It also serves as a sign of its ability to withstand high temperatures above the usual working temperature in the applications which may include strip forging heaters.  


In many applications where high temperatures or alumina with high content is involved, the BNZ 32 is a realistic replacement for bubble alumina bricks is used.


Coarse Insulating Fire Bricks

The coarse insulating bricks are low-cost substitute to the traditional fine-grained insulating firebrick.  


The design of this top insulating fire bricks is for applications that have a lower density or those with a smooth texture or in situations where the traditional insulating bricks aren’t needed.



Insulating firebricks help to preserve, control, and offer abundant conformity of products in industries that use high temperatures.


Some of such industries with a high demand for insulating firebricks include glass and ceramic production, furnace and oven development.  


Nevertheless, the insulating firebrick and hard firebrick are appropriate common products that are communal in the ceramic industries.


If you need to purchase top insulating fire bricks, it is advisable to buy from a reliable and dependable manufacturer with a god record of excellence.


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