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The Revolutionary Trend Of Insulating Bricks

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Bricks are known as the oldest manufacturing building material, but not much has been done to modify it to the present commercial construction codes and practices.


The development of traditional clay bricks has led to the innovation of lightweight insulating bricks.


Lightweight insulating bricks gives the feel and look of the traditional clay brick with cost savings for design and additional energy efficiency.


The traditional bricks have been an unswerving building product for ages. However, they are not energy efficient and are expensive to transport.


They also do not proffer much flexible design in a period of multifaceted architectural objectives and energy code authorizations.


To contain these challenges, the lightweight insulating bricks are made for swift mobilization, custom aesthetics, and also to ease transportation.


With the lighter weight and better energy efficiency, the lightweight insulating bricks lower the necessary equipment, time, and labor for production, thereby saving cost.


To get a high-quality brick that suits your need, ensure to patronize a reputable insulating bricks factory for a premium product.


The Past Bricks

The traditional bricks are durable, can resist fire, and also withstand corrosion, which has made them a reliable building material ever since their beginnings.


The traditional clay bricks then evolved into a thin brick, which proffers similar design and structure of the traditional brick but is thinner than their equivalent.


Though thin bricks are still in operation but are not used structurally. They are used to develop an existing structure or an exterior surface.

 insulating bricks

The Production Process Of Past Brick

Irrespective of its size, the current process of manufacturing clay bricks requires a considerable amount of time, resources, and labor.


The materials used – typically sand and clay, are extracted and conveyed to a manufacturing facility where a machine sets the accurate mixture, and form them into bricks.


The moistures are eliminated from the bricks, and then fired in a forge close to a temperature of 1093oC (2000oF). They are then kept till they are ready for shipment.


Traditional clay bricks have their shortcomings. They soak up a small volume of water which renders them vulnerable to moisture glitches like efflorescence, melting, and freezing damage.


The Modern Innovation

Lightweight insulating bricks are a new form of brick, they can be designed in different shapes and sizes, and are significantly less in weight.


Due to their longevity and insulating properties, lightweight insulating bricks are an excellent choice for both new and existing construction forms.


The lightweight insulating bricks are a new construction energy benefit and that is due to their long term energy savings.


They are durable, possesses less risk, are resistant to fade, moisture, corrosion, sunlight, and heat.


The lightweight insulating bricks are lighter in weight than the traditional brick, and this weight difference has an impact on the cost of shipment.


For the installation speed, lightweight insulating bricks are created with an alignment guide which allocates the precise spacing between the bricks.


This alignment guide enables the installation of the brick to be faster compared to the traditional brick.


This innovation brick can also be customized aesthetically according to the customer's specifications.


In Need of an Insulating Brick?

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