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Aerogels Make Air Bricks Excellent Insulation and Heat Insulation

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According to foreign media reports, scientists at the Swiss Confederation Institute of materials testing and development (EMPA) used an aerogel to create the best air bricks insulation and thermal insulation bricks recently. Aerogels are new materials with nano porous structure, and the liquid components of gels are replaced by gaseous materials. In addition to being extremely light, they have very good insulation properties, which make them could be used in products such as jackets.

Empa的研究中,首席科学家Jannis Wernery和他的团队开发了一种由气凝胶颗粒组成的糊状物,可以很容易地将其填入普通的空心粘土砖中。

In EMPA's research, the chief scientist Jannis Wernery and his team developed a paste made of aerogel particles, which can be easily filled into ordinary hollow clay bricks, this technology is beneficial to manufacturer of bricks.



The properties of perlite filled insulating bricks with the same structure and thickness are far less than those of "air bricks". In order to provide the same insulation value as "air brick", the perlite brick will need to be increased by about 35% of the wall thickness.


insulation air bricks

Compared with "air brick" and ordinary brick, the difference of heat is more obvious. According to EMPA, this means that in order to match the insulation value of an "air insulated wall" with a thickness of only 20 cm (7.9 inch), walls made of non-insulated bricks will be almost 2 meters (6.6 feet) thick.


然而这种使用气凝胶的砖块目前价格相当昂贵 - Wernery认为,使用这种气凝胶制造一平方米的墙面会产生大约500瑞士法郎(约合人民币3358元)的附加费用。尽管如此,他希望随着技术的进步和气凝胶价格的下降,这种砖块将成为实用的建筑材料。

However, the use of aerogel bricks is very expensive at present. Wernery believes that using this aerogel to produce a square meter wall will produce an additional cost of about 500 Swiss francs (about 3358 yuan). Nevertheless, he hopes that with the progress of air bricks insulation technology and the decrease of aerogel prices, this insulation air brick for sale will become a practical building material.


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