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The difference between light insulation brick and refractory brick

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Light insulating brick is mainly used for heat preservation, reducing heat loss and improving thermal efficiency. It is a scientific and efficient energy-saving technical measure to slow down the heat emission and conduction speed.

According to the shape of refractory materials, light insulating brick and refractory brick (without insulation performance) are basically the most widely circulated.


However, there are great differences between insulating bricks and refractory bricks:


1. Heat preservation performance

The thermal conductivity of light insulating brick is generally 0.2-0.4 (average temperature 350 ± 25 ℃) w / m.k, while that of refractory brick is more than 1.0 (average temperature 350 ± 25 ℃) w / M.K. therefore, the thermal insulation performance of insulating brick is much better than that of refractory brick.

2. Fire resistance

The fire resistance of light insulating brick is generally below 1400 degrees, while that of refractory brick is above 1400 degrees.

3. Density

Light insulating bricks are generally light insulating materials, the density is generally 0.8-1.0g/cm3, and the density of refractory bricks is basically more than 2.0g/cm3.

 insulating birck

Light insulating bricks generally do not directly contact with the erosion of flame, high-temperature melt and chemical gas. According to different materials and physical and chemical properties, refractory bricks can be used to withstand the direct burning of flame and various erosion of high-temperature melt in furnace.


In terms of application scope, the application of refractory brick is far greater than the use frequency of insulating brick. However, in recent years, with the enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation and the utilization of high-temperature heat efficiency, insulating bricks are also widely used in the purchase of kiln masonry. In particular, a variety of new lightweight insulation bricks have emerged: mullite insulation brick, high aluminum poly light brick, alumina hollow ball brick, etc.


In a word, insulating brick and refractory brick are important products of shaped refractory. When purchasing materials for industrial kilns and high-temperature equipment, it is necessary to purchase suitable refractory materials in combination with the technical connection of refractory brick manufacturers according to the actual situation.


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