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Insulating Fire Brick Density

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Insulating fire brick have been in used for many years, and they have proven to be very durable when it comes to the construction of buildings.  The reason for this wide acceptance and long usage of insulating fire bricks is in part due to high resistance to heat.


Besides their high resistance to heat, insulating fire bricks suppliers have also designed this highly efficient building material in such a way that it has other admirable qualities that boosts its performance when used for any type of construction job.


Top on the list of such qualities is a good density that makes them very lightweight and yet very strong to withstand pressure from heat and other hard impacts. However, despite this admirable qualities of insulating fire bricks, it is most advisable to partner with an experienced insulating fire brick supplier for the best deal.


With this, you will be sure of having the best product and material that will give you the most anticipated result in your buildings.


Effects of density on the quality of insulating fire bricks

Insulating fire bricks are usually built and designed with varying degrees of density, which is in part a function of the application of each type of insulating fire bricks.


Well, the reason for this differences when it comes to insulating fire bricks density isn’t far fetch. The simple logic and reason behind this is that each category of insulating fire bricks with its unique density is made specially to cater for the need of a particular type of building in which it will be used for.


When considering the density of an insulating fire bricks, their density is mostly referred to as the bulk density, which is measured in grams per centimeter cube (g/cm3).

 insulating fire bricks

With this, it then makes it very easy for customers to choose exactly what density an insulating fire bricks will have to meet their project specifications.


Alternative, as a reputable and renowned insulating fire bricks supplier, we are also ready to guide our customers on the precise insulating fire bricks density that will be the perfect match for their project.


Take, for instance, our WAM B-series of insulating fire bricks comes in various density ranging from 0.70g/cm3, 0.75g/cm3, 0.80g/cm3, 0.90g/cm3, down to 1.00g/cm3

Advantages of Insulating fire bricks

As earlier mentioned, insulating fire bricks tends to become the new vogue among various investors that are out there for something durable and of high value. This, is partly because of some advantageous attributes that is accrued to the insulating fire bricks.

 insulating fire bricks

Among such advantages why insulating fire bricks is highly sought for include;

1. Insulating fire bricks are generally known to have an accurate dimension, which is usually achieved through the machining process by which they are made of.

2. They possess a high crushing ability, which is usually expressed under a thermal state.

3. They have a relatively low heat storing capacity even when they are being exposed to high heat. More so, this makes them to be super energy-saving.

4. They have a low heat conductivity, which is usually a function of their high porosity, thus leading to a high energy saving ability.

5. Insulating fire bricks are also highly pure due to a low among of metal impurities, metal, alkaline and iron.


Cooperate with us as the best insulating fire bricks supplier

We have a good knowledge in the trade when it comes to the design and manufacturer of high quality insulating fire bricks.


For this reason, we are known globally as the leading insulating fire bricks supplier with an outstanding record of excellence in both our service and product deliver. In case you have a need for these high-end products of ours, kindly click here to contact us for a great deal. 


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