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Alumina Bubble Brick: The Ultra High-Temperature Insulating Brick

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Alumina bubble firebrick is a type of insulating fire brick that adopts alumina powder and alumina hollow ball as the main raw materials.


These raw materials combined with other binders, passes through the process of high-temperature firing which leads to the production of alumina bubble brick.


Alumina bubble firebrick is manufactured by means of smelting blowing in an electric furnace.


These bricks have an excellent energy-saving effect, have high temperature insulating properties, are light in weight, and more.


Alumina bubble firebricks have low thermal conductivity and when in hollow sphere form, the thermal conductivity additionally reduces.


These properties, as well as its volume stability, makes alumina bubble brick usable in all kinds of atmospheres.


High-purity alumina bubble bricks are specifically designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures and demanding environments.


And with their high mechanical strength, their highest used temperature is 1800oC/3270oF.


Alumina bubble firebricks are mostly used as insulation of kiln brick and ceramic tile linings in gas turbines, working lining in ceramic kilns, induction furnace in the metallurgical industry, and more.


They are also used as, hydrogen generators, ammonia reformer, reaction furnace in the carbon industry, auto thermal reactors for methanol production, etc.


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Components of Alumina Bubble Brick

Alumina bubble firebrick is being manufactured in the process of molding, drying, and then firing.


As said earlier, the raw materials used for the production of alumina bubble brick are alumina hollow ball, alumina powder, and binders in accordance to a certain proportion.


For the production of this brick, the grain size of the alumina bubble is about 5-0.5mm, alumina powder is about 30-35%, while the binders are about 5%.


The hollow ball is often used as an insulation filler in high-temperature or super high-temperature castables.


Alumina powder is made of industrial alumina after passing through the process of firing, grinding, picking, and drying at a high temperature of about 1500oC.


While alumina sulphate is mostly used as the binder.


Properties of Alumina Bubble Brick

Below are the features of an alumina bubble brick:


§ Operating Temperature

Alumina bubble firebrick has high operating temperature of about 1800oC.


§ Thermal Shock Insulation

They have excellent thermal shock resistance.


§ Thermal Conductivity

Alumina bubble firebrick has low thermal conductivity.


§ Bulk Density

They have low bulk density and its about 1.1-1.5g/cm. They are light in weight.


§ They have strong resistance to erosion of the gas or slags.


§ They have high mechanical strength.


§ They can effectively reduce the weight of the furnace body.


§ They reduce heat dissipation and improve thermal efficiency, thereby shortening the production period and saving energy. The energy saving effect is about 30%.


Alumina Bubble Bricks Applications

Alumina bubble firebricks are widely used in various industries with high temperature thermal equipment. They include:


Light Industry

Carbon Industry

Chemical Industry

Electrical Industry

Metallurgy Industry

Glass Making Industry

Petrochemical Industry


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