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Insulating Bricks: Factors to Consider When Making Selection

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Insulating bricks have come to stay in many industries as their importance in the fireplace cannot be over-emphasized. Choosing the right insulating material for your kiln or blast furnace is highly essential because  it would protect your furnace while maintaining the quality of your industrial product.

This isn’t to mention the drastic reduction it would bring in your fuel consumption. But, how do you know the most suitable insulating bricks for your industry?

insulating bricks

Below are several things to look at.


Factors to Consider When Selecting an Insulating Brick include:

Thermal Insulation performance

The thermal insulation performance of an insulating brick takes into account its behaviour when subjected to high temperature. It is an established fact that insulating materials should not conduct or transmit heat to other materials. That is, they are considered poor heat conductors. However, this is not the only thermal performance behavior an insulating brick should have.

Other thermal insulation performance to look out for include;

1. The production, transportation and installation density of the insulating brick under high temperature

2. The coefficient of linear expansion, that is, the ability of the insulating brick to undergo minimal expansion during violent temperature changes.


Thermal Conductivity

This can be measured by the amount of heat that flows through an insulating brick when it is subjected to high temperature. Ideally, the thermal conductivity of a good insulating brick should be as low as possible. This is because, the smaller the ability of the insulating brick to transmit heat (i.e. its thermal conductivity), the higher its thermal resistance—which translates to better efficiency.


Maximum Temperature Capacity

This refers to the highest temperature an insulating brick can tolerate, without melting or getting deformed, during long-term and intense use. Having a good knowledge of the temperature capacity of your desired insulating material is essential to know if it is going to be suitable for your use.



To determine the suitability of insulating bricks, it is necessary to consider their varying densities. This isn’t only taking their production density into consideration, but their installation and transportation densities as well.


PH Value

In the section of insulating bricks, efforts must be made to go for products with a neutral pH i.e. products with a pH of 7. This is very essential because insulating materials that is either acidic or alkaline can interact with the heating process thereby affecting the integrity of the product obtained.



By itself, the furnace isn’t a safe place, and has a high risk potential. Therefore, efforts must be made to discourage the use of any material that will pose a threat to the general safety and well-being of furnace operators. During selection of insulating bricks, ensure they are stable, non-toxic, and free from radiation. Only then will you be guaranteed of very safe and risk-free blasting operations.



Choosing the perfect insulating brick that is most suitable for your intended use can sometimes be daunting, especially when there are so many technicalities to consider. It might even get more challenging if you don’t know a reliable manufacturer you can trust.

However, this is nothing you should worry about because at WAM, we produce high-quality insulating bricks that is unparalleled anywhere. We are certified, and we've had over 12years of manufacturing experience.

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