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How to build a fire pit with insulating fire bricks?

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You will feel unparalleled when you sit by the garden campfire and gather everyone together.


Of course, you can dig a hole in the garden, put some bricks and stones, and light the fire. However, if you double your investment, you and your family can build and enjoy a beautiful brick DIY fire pit. To build a fire pit, you should also consider using environmentally friendly and recyclable firebricks to limit your use of financial resources and reduce overall costs.


The fire pit in the garden is one of the most popular features of all landscaping. They are not only stylish but also practical, providing a place for outdoor gatherings. Insulating fire bricks can be used to create attractive and fully functional fire pits in your garden.


Ideally, fire pits should be installed in an elevated area at least 8 meters away from houses or trees using fireproof materials.


Insulating fire bricks can be built above or below the ground. The role of bricks is more like a fire ring in an overflowing brick fire pit, fixing the burning logs in place.


DIY fire pit

1. Consider nearby factors

Check if there are no utilities-bury cables, gas pipes, water pipes or drain pipes under the proposed fire pit. Consider how the main wind blows through your garden. Do not place the patio facing upwards to prevent smoke from flying into your house or neighbor’s garden.

 insulating fire bricks

2. Mark the location of the fire pit

The first step in building a fire pit is to clear the predetermined location of the base in the garden. The following are the dimensions of a medium-sized fire pit.


A fire pit with a diameter of one meter provides enough space and keeps us close enough to talk. You can use two concrete pipes to measure the holes, and then pour the mortar into the holes for curing and fixing.


3. The area of the market pit is flat

Shovel out the dirt to a depth of 200mm to place the foundation fire pit. Do not damage the dirt underneath it. Even by leveling the bottom of the pit. Raze the fire pit to the ground with the help of a rake to eliminate any abnormal or high-altitude places in the fire pit. This is very useful because the soil under it will not loosen. Compact the ground with a manual tamping machine.


4. A solid foundation

The foundation should be created within a stable frame of the wall to avoid side collapse as the earth changes over time.


Mix the heat-resistant screed and use it to fill between the two wooden templates. If you are using a hard fiberboard type, please stake out so that they are very smooth. If the previously created form is not even, you should fix it by hitting odd dots and smoothing the layers to make everything flat.

 insualting fire bricks

5. Finalize a foothold

Pour in the remaining screed, and tap the test tube lightly with a mallet. Ensure that the foundation concrete mixture is evenly distributed.


Recheck the height, hammer the table hard if necessary, and flatten the footer if necessary. You should dry the screed for a few days before removing the template from around the well wall.


Standard clay bricks will shatter at high temperatures, so you should consider using inserting fire bricks. Insulating fire bricks are thick bricks that can withstand high temperatures after calcination. It is larger, denser and wider than ordinary bricks. Fire bricks are more expensive. However, it will withstand frequent burning.


Since insulating fire bricks are thicker than traditional bricks, they are harder to break than conventional bricks. "Soldierization" bricks can minimize the amount of separation and are easy to fit the curve of the pit.


At this stage, 40 tiles are required. These building blocks will:

Help protect joints from any form of water damage

Contain and manage any sparks

Provide a comfortable place to put your feet.

Ten to twelve bricks are needed for a job. Set it on a bed of 10 mm mortar and spread the bricks horizontally on the floor. Then, place the mortar mixture on the side of each brick and push it in. You can use bricks, but to make the appearance cleaner or smoother, try to choose other materials with better finish and texture. 


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