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What Are Insulating Fire Bricks Made Of?

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Insulting fire bricks or refractory bricks are temperature resistance bricks as a building material. Its colour is usually white, or yellowish white, with an average weight of about 3kg each. Insulating fire bricks have an excellent fusion point.


They are ideal building material suitable for different purposes at offices, home, and industries. Fire bricks are appropriate high-temperature area starting from fireplaces to the fireboxes, and cooking compartment in the oven.


It is applied in the cistern and extra heating structure. It can withstand heat without undergoing melting, softening or any form of thermal conductivity. This supports them to be very dynamic in the productions. They devise the capacity to manage heat and adsorption.


It is the truth you can purchase insulating fire bricks at both local and online. But it is crucial to consult and buy from a reliable insulating brick supplier for your sure bet.

Insulating Frie Bricks Composition

Insulating fire bricks are made up of a more significant percentage of alumina and non-damaging silica. However, they contain a minimal amount of non-beneficial iron oxide, lime, magnesia, and alkalis.


Alumina possesses a greater fusion temperature, melting point of about 3800℉ and softening than silica. They are usually applied in mixture with silica.


Silica fuses and converts a glassy material at 3200℉. It is soft approximately at 2800℉ and melting point 3300℉. The melting point and softening have proven silica as the foremost substance for the manufacture of fire bricks.

3.Iron oxide, Lime, Alkalis, and Magnesia

These non-beneficial materials perform as mutability to lessen the fusion temperature and softening.

 insulating bricks

Insulating Fire Bricks Production Method

Insulating fire bricks production method is the same as standard bricks. It involves weathering, burning, digging, tempering, and moulding.


Insulating brick suppliers are usually manufactured from fire clay. The clay is burning in a higher level of furnace beneath cautiously advanced temperature regulator. The processes of cooling and burning are controlled at a minimal level.

Types of Insulating Fire Bricks

1.Acid Bricks

i) Silica Bricks

It is produced from quartzite, or sandstones with about 2 – 3% of lime performing as a binder and fluidity. It also comprises of about 95% silica.


This type of bricks is ideal for furnaces for acid lining, steel furnaces for arches of a clean elementary grate, and copper melting furnaces.

ii) Ordinary Bricks

It is manufacture with sand and creased clay mix ordinary fire clay. It consists of 20-40% alumina, and 50-75% silica in the presence of fluxing material beneath 10%. It is suitable for furnaces for acid lining and can withstand a high temperature of about 1600℃.

iii) Ganister Bricks

It is manufactured from the siliceous variant of ganister rock. Ganister rock contains about 10% clay and 85% of silica in the presence of about 2% of lime. At a high temperature of about 2100℃, they are rigid, compact, and inflexible.

2. Basic Bricks

i) Dolomite Bricks

It is produced from the high proportion of dolomite with fire clay. It is an alternative replacement for magnesia bricks while its strength is enhanced by adding serpentine. It withstands a temperature range of 1400℃-1600℃.

ii) Magnesite Bricks

It is produced from fire clay consisting of 3-5% iron oxide, 85% of magnesium oxide, and the balance lime and alumina. It is applicable for the furnace of the primary lining.

iii) Bauxite Bricks

Bauxite bricks are produced from 86% Bauxite of fire clay, and it can stand a temperature as high as 1600℃.


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