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The Uniqueness Of Insulating Fire Brick In The Manufacturing Industry

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Insulating fire brick is a largely produced product which is also called lightweight refractory brick. This bricks is composed of well-known features which are small in volume and density, low heat conductivity and high tensioned strength, and high volume of potent porosity.


It is very efficient when it comes to preventing heat from flowing through enclosed structures to reduce the heat and any form of equipment that produces high temperature.


The usage of this Insulating fire bricks are generally insulating layers of thermally insulated chambers as linings. This amazing products is used more in the heat insulating layer of heat chambers and other high temperature absolver effectively improve its production processes.

 Insulating fire bricks

However, due to the large amount of porosity of products, scattered structure, lack of high strength, and poor resistance and all forms of cracks and wear resistance. According to standard, it is not suitable for work lining. It has been shown that in the manufacturing of insulating fire bricks, we have to know its differences from other materials.


The Refractory bricks materials which are generally divided into two types, unshaped refractory materials, and shaped refractory materials.


Shaped refractories functionally refer to refractory bricks. This study pointed to know that the insulating fire brick is a type of refractory brick.


Independently, there are little differences between both (the insulating fire brick and refractory bricks). According to research and from our various production, the refractory brick is more of the advantage when it comes to  high density and high strength,  good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, small heat expansion. This advantages of the refractory brick itself is determined by the main components of the refractory.


Generally, the well-known and prominent advantages of refractory bricks products and how they function is a bit different.


Main Differences between insulating fire brick and refractory bricks

Refractory bricks and insulating fire brick are very different like we discussed above. Their working space, method of applications, and the way in which the react to materials are all different.


The way in which the performance of thermal insulation bricks behaves is mainly seen in thermal insulation. However, this products has a certain degree of resistance to fire, but of course not as good as fire brick in fire resistance.

 Insulating fire bricks

According to standards, the fire resistance of insulating fire brick is mainly below 1400°. But not in refractory bricks, they are absolutely different. In a refractory material, the products have 1400℃ refractoriness and above.


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