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Industrial Applications of Insulating Brick for Ceramic Industry

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 Insulating firebrick is a refractory block or brick, made of a ceramic material. It is majorly used in a wide range of different applications which include all types of furnaces, industrial kilns, melters and fireboxes.

 They are constructed particularly to resist the highest of temperatures and guarantee flawless products are produced by the companies. Their ability to conduct heat at low temperature helps companies to save a lot of money.

Our firebricks have the ability various applications such as thermal stress, mechanical, and chemical. Our insulating firebrick construction material needed to be fired in a kiln at temperature that will enable our brick to be made at specific grade required.

 Advanced technology and experience has assisted us to follow the new strategies of making materials and the best quality of firebrick that the industry rightly has to offer. Insulating firebrick can be an utmost idea for commercial businesses in a wide range of applications.

 Our insulating firebrick will assist to get the best quality, if you are concerned with constant heat, high temperature and  in need of the exact pore structure for the best quality. We offer many different grades, which are constructed specially a particular situation.

Outstanding roles of insulating bricks in the ceramic industry

Industrial Furnaces

Insulating bricks used in refractories are called Refractory bricks. They are the insulating bricks that are commonly used in environments with high temperature which include furnaces, kilns, etc.

They have low density, which make them the suitable materials for ovens, lining kilns and furnaces. Our insulated firebrick is excellent for a distinctive number of applications which include steel, aluminum, glass, petrochemical, electrical and ceramics industrial furnaces and kilns.

Our wide range of different products enables us to serve many different industries and we ensure that the specific designed insulated materials meet your company’s requirements.


Any Size

We are ready to create industrial insulating firebrick of any measure. All our firebricks have extremely accurate measurements, to ensure we are able to assist businesses with the most exact applications for our products.

The amount of mortar required and total labor costs will be reduced likewise the expenses related to installing the firebricks, due to more lay made quickly by the firebrick. Our insulating firebrick are in different sizes and shapes and styles.

They are light in weight and also inhibit abrasion of kilns. We can deliver a single firebrick block up to 24” x 9” x 3” and construct any other shape you may require by cutting and cementing brick together.

 insulating bricks for ceramic industry

Standard ASTM Grades

There are various number of standard ASTM grades for our insulating firebricks such as BNZ-20 (for use when low density and low shrinkage is needed), BNZ 23 (the traditional 2300 degree firebrick mostly used in business applications), and the BNZ-26-60, which meets all of the standard necessities for the 155 class 26 IFB, but has a higher alumina content than BNZ-26 IFB. Our total insulating brick has a temperature range from 2000F through 3200F as well as many functionality and specialty grades.


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