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Increase The Life Of Your Business By Getting High-Class Insulating Bricks

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If you want to construct something akin to a bakery, factory building, or furnace with the finest materials, high alumina bricks could be the perfect choice for you. High alumina bricks are created from chemical substances such as clays, aluminum hydroxide, and bauxite.


By definition, they are made to absorb a high level of heat or temperature. In this day and age, most companies have a preference for high alumina bricks when they need to construct a high-temperature furnace, owing to its strong insulating features.


Therefore, whenever you need to buy the high alumina bricks, ensure it is from a reliable insulating brick manufacturer.


Why are high alumina bricks so special?

As said earlier, these bricks comprise of high alumina. Alumina originates from natural and artificial sediments. The natural sources consist of bauxite and diaspora, while the artificial sources consist of Fused Alumina, Calcined Alumina, and Sintered Alumina.


Bauxite is the ore comprising of Gibbsite (Al2O3.3H2O) or Boehmite (Al2O3.H2O) in differing percentages. It also comprises Titania, Iron Oxide, and Aluminum Silicates. Bauxite is abounding in iron oxides and other impurities that can be utilized in making calcined alumina via the Bayer process, or create aluminum metal.


Bauxites that are directly used in making bricks should possess low impurity content. As soon as the calcined bauxite are mined, they are charred in the rotary for steadiness. Its principal component is alumina α (corundum) with pintsized mullite and little amount of glass phase.


The other element of high alumina brick is clay. It is molded by the weathering process of metamorphosis rock. It is very smooth, and its particle size is less than 2 microns. The first-rate bricks are those that comprise of high alumina silicate, as they are commonly good resistant to acid slag.

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Features of high alumina bricks

Generally, these bricks possess some features, and they include:

ü Good resistance to acid slag

ü Suitable for insulator material

ü Good resistance to thermal shock

ü Economical and always obtainable

ü Medium strength at a high temperature encompasses the glass phase at a low melting point

ü Some of the types possess a complex expansion behavior, but most only possess a small thermal expansion.


What are the advantages of high alumina bricks?

Given that these bricks are created in particular with the use of high alumina, therefore, they can withstand any heat or flame. These bricks can be used to build kilns, ovens, cooking places, furnaces, buildings, and more.


At a glimpse, these bricks are simply like clay bricks that are used for constructing. Though when you recognize its contents, you realize they are made of refractory or insulating materials. The chemical contents of the high alumina brick make it so resistant, particularly resistant to an inferno.


In need of an insulating brick that will enhance the life of your business?

The essential element in achieving this is to get superior and high-quality bricks, which a highly regarded insulating bricks manufacturer would offer. You can contact us to place an order, and you will be thrilled with our products.


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