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Element capable of tolerating the work of fire without deteriorating

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Pizza restaurants cook their products in ovens made of fire bricks. In addition to giving them a perfect insulation, the bricks do not suffer any corrosion due to its durability.

The fact is that high quality custom insulating bricks can resist temperatures of more than 1500°C.

In this article, we will be look insulating materials with special focus on the fire bricks and why they are suitable for tolerating fire without undergoing any damage.

Let’s get started!

The types of insulating materials are:

· Brick

· Mortar

· Refractory cement

· Furnace refractory bricks

They are used to coat industrial kilns, rotary kilns for cement plants, stoves, boilers, combustion chambers, among other equipment.


insulating bricks

They are also used in containers of refractory materials to melt metals.

Types of fire/insulating Bricks

Not only are they for industrial use, many people place stoves with firebricks or fireplaces in fireplaces.


Types of refractory bricks

Silica bricks: its compound is Sio2 silicon dioxide, quartz is the most used material for the manufacture of these bricks.

The holding temperature is 1700 ° C


Chamotte bricks: it contains aluminum dioxide and silica, it is the most used furnace refractory material.

Andalusian bricks: they contain a large amount of alumina, therefore they adapt excellently to variations in heat and cold, it is one of the best options for industrial furnaces.

Mullite bricks: one of the distinguishing features of the mullite brick is that it contains 80% alumina. This type of brick is used in glass and silicate furnaces.

Corundum bricks: it is the brick that has the most alumina. It is the most expensive refractory brick, ideal for high power furnaces.

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Stone and refractory blanket for industrial furnace

You can find high efficient insulating bricks in the food industry, mainly for industrial hospitality ovens or in bread and pizza ovens.


There are smooth, fluted, perforated and load-bearing refractory stones.

They are made of cordierite and mullite, the width, length and, above all, thickness determine the maximum temperature they reach.

The stones can withstand between 1150 ° C to 1320 ° C.


Insulating bricks vary in their dimensions. Some common sizes include 322x350x15mm or 913x606x19mm. However, the size depends on your choice and if there are special requirements. It’s up to you to decide!


You can also find ceramic fiber blanket for the refractory blankets. The fibers are intertwined, the final product is light but durable. It can support heat from 538 ° C to 1250 ° C. One of the advantages of this blanket is that it is able to withstand continuous temperatures of 1050 ° C.

They also do not store heat, they are easy to install, they resist thermal shock and tension.


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