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A Merry Christmas Celebration With Our Customers And Staff

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The festive season of Christmas is here, and its celebration around the world has always been enthralling.


As a lot of people anticipate this season of festivity, sharing, and joyfulness, we at QingDao Western Coast Advanced Materials Co., Ltd are not trailing in the arrangement of Christmas celebration.


As the leading manufacturer of first-rate insulating bricks with a standard insulating brick factory in the industry, our establishment, as well as staff, works incessantly to ensure our swarming clienteles obtain the finest products from us whenever they call for.


That's why public holidays and an additional period of festivities in our company's datebook are as a rule left open to enable our workers to spend quality time with their family, friends, and loved ones.


In connection with the Christmas celebration, every single one of our workers was fervently anticipating for the day to come to pass in the company.


As a result of this fervor of celebrating Christmas in an all the rage manner, our workers bought Christmas trees with ornaments for decorations, made home-crafted costumes and gifts, Christmas caps, and other ideas that will make the day exclusive and unforgettable for them.

 Merry Christmas

As a corporation, we recognize the value of our committed workers who are dedicated and unswerving to responsibilities at work. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to organize a party where the end of the year gift items, awards, as well as incentives was given to different categories of staff in the company.


Besides our team of staff, the company also went ahead to organize some gift items for most of our loyal clients who have been in business with us for the past years. Well, this was our little way of showing them how much we love and care for them.


Given that December 25th was the day for the celebration of Christmas, that day was a memorable day for our workers and their loved ones who took pleasure in the time spent together to celebrate the Christmas spirit of faith, joy, and love.


We also take into consideration that every 25th of December, which has been the date set aside for Christmas celebration, is left open to enable our employees along with their relatives enjoy the celebration by having a nice time together.


By that, we generate the chance of enabling our workers to create friendship, team play, and relationship bonds while in the ecstasy of Christmas festivity.


While collectively making merry during this period, it will in turn allow the workers to invigorate themselves with innovative ideas and potency while coming back to work with full enthusiasm.


All the same, having our workers celebrate while others in the industry are doing the same will make it easier for them to return to work with so much zeal and delight.


This will also enable them to work effectively in meeting the demand of our swarming clienteles and maintaining our lead as the foremost manufacturer of insulating bricks.


To our devoted and potential clienteles, we would like to use this opportunity to wish you and your kin a happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


We would also like to restore your confidence in our obligation to have the most efficient and effective insulating brick factory that produces high-quality insulating bricks you can trust.


Searching for a professional and reputable manufacturer of insulating brick could be an uphill task. Yes, we are aware.


That's why our highly standardized insulating brick factory will provide you with the best insulating bricks of your choice.


Kindly contact us for customized high-grade bricks that best suits your needs.


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