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A Complete Guide To Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

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Building a very solid structure like houses, bridges, which will stay for a very long time without cracks or losing its strength is the top priority of construction engineers as well as every house owner.

One important material in achieving this is the bricks for the skeletal framework of the building. Yes, a building owes its durability on the strength of the bricks but your bricks should have more qualities than just being strong.

A very outstanding brick for your construction must be strong and yet light as a feather to ease conveying to the site. These features and more are satisfied in this classy brick called lightweight insulating fire brick.

Well, navigating the market for the best lightweight insulating firebrick can be very tricky. For this reason, working with a trusted and highly proficient manufacturers of lightweght insulating fire brick is a must!


What Are Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

As an insulating fire brick, it is a perfectly shaped refractory brick with a high level of porosity and heat insulation features. Other properties of lightweight insulating fire bricks are low mass per volume ratio, low thermal conductivity, energy-saving, and easy construction.

Based on the different mix of raw materials, an insulating brick factory produces many types of insulating fire bricks


Type of Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

Lightweight insulating fire brick is generally classified into three types based on their service temperature.

1. High Strength Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick with a service temperature of less than 1000℃ mainly includes Diatomite Brick, Expanded Perlite Brick, and so on. It is mainly used for the heat insulation layer of heating equipment.


2. Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick which has a service temperature between 1000℃ -1500℃ and includes Lightweight Fireclay Bricks, Lightweight Silica Bricks, Lightweight High Alumina Brick, Mullite Insulation Brick, etc.


3. The last type is the High-Temperature insulating fire brick with a service temperature that is higher than 1500℃ and can directly contact fire. Examples are Lightweight Corundum Brick, Alumina Bubble Brick, and Zirconia Bubble Brick and etc.

 insulating bricks

Production Method of Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

1. Directly cut into the block from the natural permeable lightweight protolith

2. Utilize natural and synthetic porous lightweight materials as the primal materials to make the insulating fire brick. 

3. Ignitable materials with a high burning tendency are added into a pug, such as carburizing rice husk, saw powder, polystyrene light ball, or add into sublimating material, such as naphthalene, forming permeable structure after burning up and volatilizing.

4. A foaming agent such as rosin soap is added into the pug to obtain a porous structure after firing.

5. Add aluminite powder, carbonate, and hydrochloric acid into the pug which forms a porous structure as a result of effervescence during the chemical reaction. Generally, the second, third, and fourth points are usually adopted in some  insulating brick factories.


Refractory Features and Properties of Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

1. Diatomite Brick is produced with natural porous raw material, and its refractoriness is lower than 1100℃. It has a high thermal insulation property and low thermal conductivity.

2. Lightweight Fireclay Brick is an insualting fire brick manufactured with a firing method, and its refractoriness is about 1200~1400℃ and has a wide range of applications.

3. Lightweight High Alumina Brick is produced with foam method, and its refractoriness is about 1350~1500 ℃, it has good resistance to heat and is widely used for thermal insulation.

4. Magnesian Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick has good heat resistant property and high service temperatures, and its refractoriness is 1600~1800℃.

5. Mullite Cordierite Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick has low thermal expansion and good spalling resistant properties, its refractoriness is 1300~1500℃.

6. Silicon Carbide Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick with refractoriness of 1300℃ has excellent features of high erosion resistance, good cracking resistance, and increasing temperature strength.

7. Alumina Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick is made by foam method, has high thermal stability, low reheating linear change rate, and longer life span features. Its refractoriness is lower than 2000 ℃. It is useful in a super high-temperature furnace for thermal insulation.

8. Zircon Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick is manufactured with foam method with qualities of low thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance, which can be used in super high-temperature furnace for thermal insulation.



Lightweight insulating fire brick is the perfect tool for your durable and aesthetic constructions with extraordinary features of being extremely lightweight.

Depending on what your project is, purchasing the insulating fire bricks from a renowned manufacturer remains the only guarantee to invest your money wisely 


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