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6 Key Insulating Bricks Applications You Need To Know

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Do you know that the role of insulating bricks very essential in today’s world? Well, several sectors cannot excel without it. The application of this material ranges from domestic to industrial uses.

Investing in a business of this nature is a good option. Moreover, sourcing your material from a reputable manufacturer is a sure way to get the best from your investment.

We will look at six key sectors that use insulating bricks as one of the primary components. The sectors are:

  • Power Sector

  • Metallurgical Sector

  • Ceramics Sector

  • Glass Sector

  • Petrochemical Sector

  • Aluminum Sector

1. Power Sector

Insulating bricks are fantastic materials that provide insulation for the power industry. The heat generated by the system requires high insulating material that can conserve it effectively.

The insulating bricks can withstand a high temperature of above 1400 degrees Celsius. It has lightweight, which reduces the amount of load on the system. Moreover, the bulk density is low and the loss of heat by conduction is drastically reduced.

insulating bricks

2. Metallurgical Sector

The use of insulating bricks in the metallurgical sector is very essential because of the amount of heat generated during production. The high level of conductivity of iron, steel, blast furnace, and other parts, requires materials with high energy conservation like insulating bricks to keep the thermal energy of the system.

What are the things that make insulating bricks ideal? Insulating bricks can withstand high-temperature. The material has low porosity which makes it a very poor conductor of heat. Also, it has high corrosion resistance.

3. Ceramics Sector

Insulating bricks provide a lasting solution to the challenge of heat transfer during ceramics production. During the process of production, the material reduces the amount of energy consumption and heat emission.

The material has the features required for effective and efficient production. The thermal conductivity and density are low. Moreover, it has a fantastic load strength that supports ceramics.

4. Glass Sector

During the production of glass, refractory insulation, as well as high-temperature fiber, are essential factors. The use of insulating bricks helps to reduce the amount of energy consumption during production.

The insulating materials provide a backup system that conserves energy for efficient glass production.

5. Petrochemical Sector

The petrochemical sector uses a high level of special refractories for the production of different products from crude materials. It is a complex setup that requires an efficient and effective insulating system.

Due to the nature of the operation, it requires insulating bricks of high quality that are chemical-resistant, corrosion-free, low density, and high compressive strength to withstand the pressure from the system.

6.  Aluminum Sector

The use of insulating material during the production and use of aluminum is very essential. The aluminum material has a very high conductivity that requires a good insulating brick to prevent easy energy emission.

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