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WAM Series Insulating Bricks

WAM series insulating bricks are a kind of highly efficient, energy saving, low-carbon,environmental protection advanced products which are manufactured according to ASTM standard. WAM series products are the best lining and insulation materials in all types of industrial furnaces in the field of Metallurgy, Aluminum, Petrochemical, Ceramics, Power and Glass. They can be applied as heat insulation or no-melt erosion parts of the working layer.The products have been widely used in the following furnaces and achieved satisfactory results.

Metallurgyindustry: Blast furnace, Hot blast stove, Reheating furnace, etc.

Petrochemical industry: Ethylene cracking furnace, Hydrogen production furnace, Primary reformer furnace, Reheating furnace, etc.

Ceramics Industry: Roller kiln, Pusher kiln, etc.

Glass industry: Glass furnace regenerator, etc.

Carbon Industry: Carbon roaster, etc.

Aluminum electrolytic industry: aluminum reduction cells,etc.

Other industries: Tunnel kiln, Shuttle kiln, etc.


Low Thermal Conductivity: More porosity brings excellent insulation effect,energy saving.

High Crushing Strength:High crushing strength under thermal state, volume stability.

Low Heat Storage: Little thermal storage when absorb more heat, energy saving effect is obvious.

High Purity: Low content of iron, alkaline and metal impurities.

Accurate Dimension: Precise brick size by machining, cutting and grinding special shapes, expediting bricklaying.

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