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Which Lightweight Insulating Brick Is the Best?

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There are so many types of lightweight refractory bricks, which one is the best? Today we will take you through the types of lightweight refractory bricks then you will know which one is the best.


Lightweight insulating brick is a kind of heat-insulating refractory brick with a porous structure. It is divided into clay, high alumina, mullite, silica and alumina according to the selected refractory materials. Lightweight clay bricks are mainly used for the thermal insulation layer of various industrial kiln such as thermal boiler, glass kiln, cement kiln, hot blast furnace, etc.

Lightweight insulating brick

Light-weight silicon brick 

Lightweight silicon brick is used for the insulation material of the silicon brick lining of the high-temperature hot blast stove of the large blast furnace, the insulation layer of the silicon brick lining of the glass kiln and the insulation layer of various industrial kiln. Long-term use under high-temperature conditions, the maximum temperature of light silicon brick is between 1300-1550 ℃.


Light-weight alumina insulation brick 

Lightweight alumina insulation brick is a heat-resistant refractory product made of fused alumina, sintered alumina and industrial alumina as main raw materials. Its production process has two methods: foam method and burn-out additive method. Insulating fire brick for sale are various, it’s vital to choose the suitable one to use.


Light-weight clay insulation brick

Lightweight clay insulation brick is made of refractory clay as the main raw material, and its heat insulation and refractory products have an Al2O3 content of 30% to 48%. Its production process uses the burn-out method and the foam method. The output of lightweight clay insulation bricks accounts for more than half of the total production of thermal insulation refractory bricks.


Alumina hollow ball brick

Alumina hollow ball brick uses high-temperature kiln linings with a temperature above 1500 ℃, such as various high-temperature kiln lining bricks in refractories, industrial ceramics and other industries; thermal insulation layers of thermal equipment, such as the petrochemical gas Chemical furnace, gas furnace, etc. Light mullite insulation brick is a heat-resistant refractory product made with mullite as the main raw material.


Light-weight silicon thermal insulation brick

Light-weight silicon thermal insulation brick is made of silica as the main raw material and the thermal insulation refractory products with SiO2 content of not less than 91%. The bulk density of lightweight silicon thermal insulation bricks is 0.9 ~ 1.1g / cm3, the thermal conductivity is only half that of ordinary silicon bricks, and the thermal shock resistance is good.


Regarding which kind of lightweight refractory bricks is good, first of all, from the scope of application and temperature, light clay bricks can meet the lining of the kiln, so there is no need to choose lightweight mullite bricks; For mullite bricks, light high alumina bricks cannot be used, and the choice of kiln linings to meet demand is the basic principle. There is no good or bad kind of light refractory bricks. Only applicable is not applicable. If you choose the most applicable, it is the best!


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