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Usage and Buying Tips for Insulation Bricks?

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Insulation brick is a kind of heat insulation products with regular shape. It belongs to lightweight heat-resistant refractory materials. The common features of these materials are small bulk density, light bulk density and low thermal conductivity.

WAM B-6 Insulating Bricks

The function of insulation brick:

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance, used for thermal insulation works on the roof.

 2. In the summer, insulating brick can effectively prevent the heat radiation of the sun, and in winter, it can prevent the indoor heat from being transmitted to the outside and improve the working and living environment on the top floor and the building.

3. After the use of thermal insulation brick materials, the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the roof can reach a maximum of 20 ° C in the hot summer.

4. The product also has the decorative effect of beautifying the environment, the surface is clean and bright, and can be assembled with different pattern colors.

5. As the floor is provided with such a heat-resistant protective layer with excellent anti-buckling and compression heat insulation and waterproof performance.



Insulating bricks for sale are mainly classified as three types:

1. Ordinary insulation bricks, the operating temperature is below 1000°C, mainly diatomite bricks, expanded vermiculite bricks, expanded perlite bricks, etc., which are mostly used as thermal insulation layers for thermal equipment.

2. Insulating fire brick: the operating temperature is between 1000 and 1500°C, mainly light clay bricks, light silicon bricks, light high alumina bricks, etc.

3. High-temperature thermal insulation bricks: used at temperatures above 1500°C, and can be directly used as furnace linings of high-temperature kilns, mainly light corundum bricks, alumina hollow ball products and zirconia hollow ball products.


Buying tips

The selection of insulation bricks can be judged simply by watching, listening, and stepping on.

The specific methods are:

1. Observation

High-quality thermal insulation bricks are not only appearance proof and clean but also the back material is flat and clean. The back of the inferior insulation bricks is rough.

2. Listen

The surface material of a good heat-insulating brick has a sealing property and has poor water absorption, but this is the case, so there are few ventilation holes on the surface of the heat-insulating brick.

Same as the previous point, because the high-quality thermal insulation bricks use high purity materials when they are lightly tapped, they all emit crisp sounds, which is different from the dull sound of inferior bricks.

3. Crush

The high-quality insulation bricks have good rigidity and high strength, they can often bear the weight of two adults, and poor-quality insulation bricks are often enough to crush by one person.


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