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Materials And Applications Of Insulating Fire Bricks

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What is an Insulating firebrick?

Also known as refractory brick, insulating firebrick is used to line furnaces, kiln, and fireplaces built in manufacturing facilities, homes, and other businesses.


Insulating firebricks are designed to withstand a high temperature of about 3200oF while conducting little of that heat to give a great level of energy efficiency.


They can be manufactured from different types of materials, produced in different shapes depending on your choice and its intended use.


Therefore, whenever you need to get an insulating firebrick, endeavor to patronize a professional manufacturer for the best product.

 insulating bricks

Materials and Durability

Insulating firebricks can be manufactured from different types of materials but are widely produced from refractory clay or other types of raw ceramic materials.


They have a visible porous structure and this is carefully controlled so that more air pockets can be formed during firing.


Air pockets are very important because they engulf and dissipate the heat gotten from the applications where the brick is being used.


Despite the high temperature, insulating firebricks always maintain their strength and structure and will not chip off when temperature rapidly changes.


How They Are Made

Insulating firebricks rely greatly on the materials being used for its production and it mostly starts with a material known as fireclay.


It is fired inside of a kiln till it partially turns into glass and then can be glazed depending on its purpose.


Insulating firebricks are mostly manufactured in serviceable grades and sizes but they can also come in half of the standard thickness.


The split form is usually used for lining the inserts of woodstoves and fireplaces.


Where They Are Used

Insulating firebricks are frequently used in commercial settings. They are specifically used in manufacturing facilities with more chemical, mechanical, and thermal pressure.


Some of these settings are wood-fired furnaces and kilns where there is an accumulation of ash, abrasion, and consistent exposure to very high temperatures.


All these could cause the structure to wear away and get weaken but with the use of insulating firebrick, you need not worry about that.


In some other settings such as a kiln powered by natural gas or electricity, kiln bricks are frequently used due to its large pore structure.


Use in Low-Temperature Settings

Red clay bricks are used as insulating firebricks for small wood-fired furnaces, kilns, and chimneys.


Bricks formed from magnesium oxide are usually used for larger furnaces with silica used as the inner lining, especially for incinerators.


With time, the inner lining wears off, thereby causing downtime for some industries.


This makes manufacturers produce bricks with a higher quantity of alumina which lengthens the time between relining.


Another common material used is the silicon carbide and this is due to its high abrasiveness, it is widely used in the hearth.


Use in High-Temperature Settings

Insulating firebricks used in high-temperature settings such as steel-making furnace and more are mainly produced from silica, which can withstand high temperatures.


Although it starts to liquefy at a very high degree of temperature, this applies to its insulating properties.


Insulating firebricks are used in different settings such as coal-burning facilities, wood-burning settings, and more, preventing the transmission of heat.



Insulating firebricks are used worldwide to guard structures from heat and fire in kilns, furnaces, etc.


It can be manufactured from different materials depending on your choice as well as the suitability to the application.


As technology improves, manufacturers tend to produce more and better insulating products.


However, to get a quality product, do contact a professional and reputable manufacturer of insulating firebricks.


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