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How to Recycle Used Refractory Bricks?

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Developed countries abroad attach great importance to the reuse of refractory bricks after use. The reuse rate of refractory bricks has reached more than 60% and is constantly increasing. In China, the reusability of refractory bricks has gradually attracted increasing attention. As a professional insulating fire brick manufacturer, Western Coast Advanced Materials is going to share some vital knowledge with you.

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Recycle and re-use    

Waste refractory bricks are divided into: waste magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, waste magnesia bricks, waste insulating brick, waste magnesia-chrome bricks, waste corundum bricks, waste magnesia-carbon bricks, waste high alumina bricks, waste skateboard bricks, waste refractory bricks.


Recycling of skateboard bricks for ladle     

Ladle skateboard tiles are plate-shaped refractory materials installed at the bottom of the ladle to control the amount of molten steel flowing out. The losses include melting loss caused by scouring in the molten steel at the hole (reaming speed is 0.5mm / furnace) and the wear caused by sliding friction between the slide bricks (the maximum wear speed of the sliding surface is 1.7mm / furnace). There are few cracks on the surface of the brick, so it can be fully regenerated by repairing the hole and sliding surface of the brick. Based on the progress of refractory regeneration technology in recent years, the regeneration of SN skateboard bricks has been tried.


Regeneration of electric furnace bricks

Steelmaking waste bricks should not only be used as slag-making materials for LF and electric furnaces but should also be developed with higher added value. To this end, the slag and steel attached to the surface of the waste brick must be removed. In fact, the surface of the MgO-C and MgO waste bricks used in electric furnaces has less slag and steel attached, so it is easy to sort. Therefore, bricks made with the main material as the main raw material are used in the parts with low heat load on the electric furnace, and experimental research has been conducted for this purpose.


Used as amorphous refractory     

As a recycling method of waste refractory materials, it has been studied to use them as castable materials and mashed materials. Due to the adjustment of the composition, particle size and binder of the amorphous refractory, the necessary corrosion resistance and adhesion were obtained.


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