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How to Judge the Quality of Insulation Bricks?

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Insulation bricks play an important role in our daily life. Especially in summer, in order to heat insulation, many people choose insulation bricks for decoration. What is the effect after using thermal insulation bricks? Today, let me tell you about the related knowledge of insulation bricks.


The quality of insulation bricks is different in the market. How can we judge the quality of insulation bricks?


Insulating Bricks

Insulation brick

Insulation bricks are heat-preservation products with regular shapes and belong to light-weight thermal insulation refractory materials. The common characteristics of these materials are small bulk density, light bulk density, low thermal conductivity, low strength, and high shrinkage at high temperatures. Insulation bricks are often used as roof insulation materials, including polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam.


Insulating fire brick is the basic material for high-temperature technology. It is the structural material of thermal equipment such as masonry kilns. It is also a functional material for the manufacture of certain high-temperature vessels and components or for special functions.


How about the effect of insulation brick?

1. The thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation bricks is excellent. No matter where the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large or the weather is relatively high, thermal insulation bricks can be well applied.


2. Everyone knows that summer is the time when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest, and the heat-insulating brick can not only block the amount of heat insulation but also well block the ultraviolet radiation.


3. This kind of heat insulation brick also has the decorative effect of beautifying the environment. The surface is clean and bright, which can be assembled into different pattern colors.


Judging the Pros and Cons of Insulation Bricks

The selection of insulation bricks can be judged simply by watching, listening, and stepping on.


The specific methods are:

1. High-quality insulation brick is not only the appearance certificate, clean, but also the back material is flat and clean. The back of inferior insulation bricks is rough;


2. The surface material of good insulation brick has sealing performance and the water absorption is very poor, but this is the reason so there are few ventilation holes on the surface of the insulation brick;


3. High-quality thermal insulation bricks are relatively clean because of the cement sand and stone used, so high-quality thermal insulation bricks are relatively strong.


4. Same as the previous point, due to the high purity of the materials used in high-quality thermal insulation bricks, when they are lightly tapped, they all emit crisp sounds.


5. High-quality insulation bricks have good rigidity and high strength, they can often bear the weight of two adults but poor-quality insulation bricks are often enough to crush by people.


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