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Application of Fire Insulating Bricks in Aluminum Industry

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The insulating fire brick is made of refractory ceramic material. It is widely used in the lining of furnaces of many big industries. Some people also use them in their fireplaces at their homes but mostly alumina bricks manufacturers made it for industrial furnaces. The insulating brick is also known with other names such as soft brick or firebrick. The ultimate goal of insulating fire brick is to endure the high temperature of furnaces and fireplaces on a daily basis.

refractory bricks

The alumina bricks manufacturers use clay and ceramic material to make these bricks. These bricks ensure the safe fireplaces so it is crucial that they are made with ultimate care otherwise they could lead to blast or any other mishap. It also ensures that the furnace wouldn’t break down if the temperature is too high. The alumina bricks manufacturers use low-density clays and ceramic material that can take on high temperatures and wouldn’t break the oven or furnace at extreme temperatures. If we talk about the configuration, it has mainly 18-44 % of alumina (Al2O3) and 50-80 % of silica (SiO2). When combined, the heat and temperature is contained because of porosity. When these bricks are made, they seem lightweight as compared to the normal bricks. Such insulating fire bricks are made for nuclear reactors and in petrochemical industries. Any furnace that is made with insulating fire brick would be resistant to thermal shock or thermal conductivity. It would be easy to start off quickly and easily. Usually, the temperature ranges from 1250°c to 1850°c can be handled in any industrial furnace so you should always select the insulating fire bricks that are best in the market.

How to select the insulating fire bricks for industrial applications?

Since the industrial application of insulating fire bricks is different, there are a few things that you must consider before selecting them for your industrial furnace. Here are some key points to help you navigate your way around that.

1. Cover large area

Usually, they use the insulating fire bricks around the area where the fire is supposed to rise but it would be ideal to build the area a little larger than usual. It would be safe, and you can carry on with your project. It can reduce the heat and contain it to spread elsewhere.

2. Keep the insulation separate

It is better to keep the insulation structure separate from the rest of the industrial structure just for the safe side.

3. Don’t put pressure on the insulating fire bricks

The insulation fire bricks are porous, so it is obvious that they can’t withstand any weight. It would be better that you buy the ones that are lighter in weight and have reasonable refractory brick price. Make sure that when you build the structure, there is no molten metal or metal slags.

4. Linear shrinkage

The insulating fire bricks have big reheating linear shrinkage, so it is ideal that you keep the initial temperature around 100 degrees so that the firing temperature would add up to an optimal temperature.


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