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An Overview Of Zirconia Bubble Brick

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Zirconia bubble brick is a hot sale insulating brick application used in high-temperature furnaces, kilns, etc.


The main raw material used for making zirconia bubble brick is zircon sand. The zircon sand consists of zirconium silicate with 65% zirconia and 34% silica.


Zirconia brick is a high technology insulating brick used in diverse applications and highly erosive areas of the metallurgy industry, glass furnace, etc.


Zirconia bubble bricks are not melted by metals and are also resistant to some oxides, making it the perfect crucible insulating brick in some industries like the metallurgy industry.


Its wide usage is also due to good thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, optical and chemical properties, and more.


Therefore, whenever you need to buy a high-quality zirconia bubble brick, ensure it is from a reliable insulating brick factory.


Characteristics of Zirconia Bubble Brick

The zirconia bubble brick characteristics are:


Ø Thermal Shock Resistance

Excellent thermal shock resistance is a great feature of zirconia bubble brick.


Ø Bulk Density

Zirconia bubble brick has high bulk density and high compressive strength.


Ø High-Temperature Capability

Zirconia bubble brick has excellent heat retaining property.

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Ø Thermal Conductivity

Zirconia bubble brick has low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity rate decreases with an increase in temperature.


Ø Corrosion and Erosion Resistance

Zirconia bricks have high corrosion forbearance to molten steel and glass solution. They also have strong erosion resistance to glass metals.


Ø Compact Structure

Strong penetrating-proof ability is one of the features of a zirconia bubble brick. They are also hard in texture and are excellent to wear-resistance.


These properties give zirconia bubble brick long service life.


Ø Molten Slag Resistance

Zirconia bubble bricks can withstand molten metals and molten slag, especially the acidic slag.


Ø Thermal Expansion

Zirconia bubble brick has a low thermal expansion rate. As the temperature volume decreases or stabilizes, the thermal expansion rate reduces.


Ø Refractoriness

Zirconia bubble brick has a high refractory temperature as well as high load softening temperature.


Therefore, they are high-grade insulating brick that can resist mechanical abrasion and high-temperature load action.


Zirconia Bubble Brick Applications

1. Zirconia bricks are used in the glass contact portion, frequent thermal shock region, and the upper area of a glass melting furnace's flame space.


2. Zirconia bricks are employed in soda-lime glass kiln to serve skew brick, neutral brick.


3. Zirconia bricks are employed during the masonry process of aluminum and copper smelting furnaces in the casting nozzles.


4. They are used in different glass furnaces, particularly the finest glass furnaces as well as other special glass heating furnaces like electrode bricks.


5. Zirconia bubble bricks are also used as stainless steel castle lining, sleeve brick, plug brick, continuous casting steel lining, and other induction furnace lining.


6. They can be used in the areas joining magnesia brick, silica brick and thermal couple, etc.


7. Due to their high corrosion resistance, zirconia bricks are used to cast ladle inner lining and other areas prone to molten slag corrosion.


Do You Need Zirconia Bubble Brick?

There are standard and special sizes of zirconia bubble bricks for sale in an insulating bricks factory.


Therefore, to get your desired specification of this brick, welcome to contact us, and we will be glad to partner with you for the best product.


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